What cheese varieties work best with Pinsa Romana?

What are the best cheese varieties to use on Pinsa Romana? Index Cheese options for Pinsa Romana Love pizza but tired of same old same old? You’ll definitely want to take a look at Pinsa Romana! Also known as roman-style pizza, this delectable dish is becoming a new Italian sensation and is now gaining popularity […]

What are the health benefits of Pinsa Romana?

What are the health benefits of Pinsa Romana? Index Pinsa Romana: The Ultimate Healthier Alternative to Pizza? We’re big on pizza and sourdough the way it should be and want to show you some healthy pizza alternatives that will make your mouth water! Pizza, the world’s most popular food, has been enjoyed for centuries and […]

What is Pinsa Romana?

Pinsa Romana

What is Pinsa Romana? Index What is Pinza Pizza, or “Pinsa Romana”? Have you ever wondered what Pinsa Pizza is?  In this blog we dive into what the essential differences are of pinsa vs pizza. Pinsa Romana is a type of pizza that originated near Rome, Italy, at the turn of the century. What sets […]