Prosciutto, Parsnip & Fig Pinsa

Prosciutto, Parsnip & Fig Pinsa Index This is autumn on a plate, equally at home in a country pub, or a trendy cafe. The best part is that it feels a bit special, yet is so easy to create! You can use any / all of your preferred root veggies for the crisps, but parsnip […]

Blackberry, Lemon & Basil Pinsa Dessert

Blackberry, Lemon & Basil Pinsa Dessert Index Autumn is here and so are blackberries, one of our favourite seasonal fruits! Now then, this radical combo of blackberries and herbs may not instantly float your boat, but bear with us – it’s pretty special! Depending on how sweet the Blackberries are, you might want to add […]

5 Minute Garlic Bread Pinsa

Roman Style Pizza

Roman Style Pinsa Garlic Bread Index Garlic bread is one of life’s simplest of guilty pleasures and this pinsa romana, or roman style pizza version with melting cheese and fresh herbs will have your customers singing your praises before they’ve finished the first round of drinks! Easy, fast and supremely delicious this is a great […]