Double Coppa Pinsa

Double Coppa Pinsa Index Coppa has to be in our top three cured meats for pizza and pinsa, and using it two ways on this ultra-Italian recipe gives a wonderfully deep flavour profile and mix of textures. Take your time to build height on the pinsa, by rolling each slice of meat into a cone […]

Coronation Chicken Pinsa Sharing Sandwich

Pinsa Sandwich

Coronation Chicken Pinsa Romana Sharing Sandwich Index   The filling in this recipe can obviously be replaced with anything of choice, and bbq, pulled meats, shawarma etc are all exceptional when encased in light, crisp, soft pinsa bread! Ingredients 1x 250g round Virtue Pinsa Romana base 100g 10mm diced Mozzarella 20ml Olive Oil Coronation Chicken […]

Smoked Salmon & Asparagus Pinsa with Wild Garlic dip

pinsa pizza

Smoked Salmon & Asparagus Pinsa with Wild Garlic dip Index This is where we accidently got all our healthy bits out at once and surprised ourselves with how nice this combination is. Some political chap on Blackadder once campaigned for the “compulsory serving of asparagus at breakfast” and if you are really weird you might […]

Grilled Peach & Dark Chocolate Pinsa Dessert

Grilled Peach, Dark Chocolate & Mascarpone Pinsa Dessert Index You’ll be helplessly in love with this decadent combination of fresh, rich, creamy, naughty & nice, from the very first encounter. Shout out here for our friends at Hot Star, who make a fabulous range of honey-based sauces from the hornet-like Scotch Bonnet to the sweet […]

Buffalo Pinsa Margherita

pinsa pizza

Buffalo Pinsa Margherita Index The most famous of pizzas needs no introduction, however this new luxurious take on the classic, using two varieties of mozzarella, zingy basil oil and the crisp & airy pinsa base, really does add a lustre to this old Queen’s crown. Diners are generally looking for more quality in return for […]

5 Minute Garlic Bread Pinsa

Roman Style Pizza

Roman Style Pinsa Garlic Bread Index Garlic bread is one of life’s simplest of guilty pleasures and this pinsa romana, or roman style pizza version with melting cheese and fresh herbs will have your customers singing your praises before they’ve finished the first round of drinks! Easy, fast and supremely delicious this is a great […]