Case Studies

Spoken Restaurant & Bar, Exmouth

Spoken is a Mediterranean bar and restaurant owned by the Quayside Gin distillery and in their own words is “The UKs best spirits bar in a modern Mediterranean setting. Serving cocktails, fresh food in a quirky relaxed atmosphere”

Head chef Neil Gibbs, who previously worked at the 2-Michelin-starred Le Pavillion des Boulevards in Bordeaux, is passionate about quality food and “doesn’t tolerate crap”!

Neil has created a simple but vibrant modern menu, that can be served at speed from a small kitchen.

We recently caught up with Neil to find out why he loves our Pinsa Romana flatbreads so much!

What do you love about Pinsa Romana?

My ethos is using the best ingredients I can find, (including foraging for truffles on my family farm in North Devon!) and give the customer the best product I possibly can. In the current climate persons are going out less, but when they are going out, they are looking for quality over quantity.

We love the quality of your pinsa and I wouldn’t look for a cheaper alternative. I have a gluten intolerance [not coeliac] but I can eat them without issue, as they are so much easier to digest thanks to the quality of the ingredients and long fermentation process.

For me, they are a great product, produced in a perfect way.

The fact that I can store them ambient without taking up any of my limited chilled space is, in itself, priceless.”

How has Pinsa Romana improved your menu?

“We have four Oval pinsa flatbread options on the menu and are about to add the Mini version as a garlic & cheese flatbread to serve alongside my homemade pasta dishes.

We sell them for between £13 and £15 and it’s a substantial meal, so still great value for this quality, and doesn’t leave you feeling bloated or uncomfortable.

We serve them on a big plate, well-seasoned, beautiful presentation and it blows customers away.”

How has Pinsa Romana helped your food business?

“We are essentially a cocktail bar that serves great food, so the speed of them is absolutely imperative to our business now.

Our kitchen is about the size of one you’d find in a 3-bed semi, but last Saturday night we turned over 400 covers and took £10k in revenue!

Nobody can understand how we do it, but it’s a machine and your flatbreads are a major contributor to that.

I only work 4 days a week and on the days that I am not in the kitchen there is no other chef present, but the simplicity of the pinsa means my regular kitchen staff can still serve them and it fills a massive menu gap that would otherwise mean lost revenue when I’m not there, or if we are short-staffed.

I am really happy with the product. It’s fun, it’s delicious and enables us to send out beautiful plates of food so simply!”

The Yockleton Arms, Stoney Stretton

Situated in the picturesque Shropshire countryside, The Yockleton Arms is located near the village of Stoney Stretton, approximately 8 miles from Shrewsbury.

The team pride themselves on making it a warm and friendly atmosphere, also welcoming dogs too. This quaint countryside restaurant also offers an outside seating area to enjoy a relaxed drink and food in the sun!

Head chef Christine Davies gave us some feedback recently which we found insightful for pubs and bars looking to make their menu fast and simple for all the team to deliver, with compromising on quality:


What do you love about Pinsa Romana?

“Firstly, the fact that they are ambient, which really helps with our storage. The extra packaging isn’t ideal, but does mean they have a great shelf life even at ambient!

They are just too easy to pump out! We have an electric stone deck pizza oven, and within 4 or 5 mins they are ready.

Anyone can make them, with none of the nightmare of dough stretching, and they are nice and consistent.”


How has Pinsa Romana improved your menu?

“Everyone loves pizza, so we have a special pizza menu in addition to our main menu.

We serve them as a sharing board with a bucket of beers and we get great compliments on them!”


How has Pinsa Romana helped your food business?

“Because they are so easy to use, I can leave them to my kitchen staff and it frees me up for other things.

They are quick, great quality and consistent and it makes my life easier!”