Ambient Sourdough Pinsa Romana  
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What is Pinsa?

“I see ambient pinsa as being the answer to today’s great foodservice challenge – how to increase the quality of the menu offering without increasing the wage bill or capital outlay on equipment” 

– Gareth Dixon, Virtue Food Co.

Pinsa was invented in Rome around the turn of the century. Over the past few years, pinsa has seen massive growth in Italy and across Europe and we believe it will soon transform foodservice menus across the UK too.

Pinsa is a speciality of Italian cuisine made of a unique flour mixture, a high percentage of water and a low quantity of fats. Deceptively simple, in reality, pinsa dough requires a long processing and accurate stretching by hand. This results in a highly digestible product that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Our unique ambient-stored version is set to make things even simpler!

More Ideas for Using Pinsa Romana

Crisp, yet flexible.

Your pinsa romana base is so much more than an up-market pizza.

With slightly adjusted cooking techniques, you can produce beautiful filled sandwiches and wraps too!

pinsa sandwich
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Sweet or savoury.

Now here’s a thing – pinsa romana makes a wonderful base for desserts too!

So whether its a sweet option at the end of a pizza party, or a light and sumptious cafe dessert, pinsa brings you an exciting new dimension!

Sweet or savoury (1)
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The Benefits of Pinsa Romana

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Lighter & more digestible.

Pinsa romana uses a massive 80% hydration and special mix of wheat, soy and rice flours to achieve a light, pillowy structure.

Think pizza, but lighter, crispier and more digestible.

Simpler & more profitable.

Free up the chef – no special skills or equipment required!

No proving or stretching – this is a par-cooked product that cooks in any regular oven in just 5 minutes.

Think pizza, but simpler and more profitable!

Ambient Storage.

The icing on the cake – no more frozen storage worries!

With a 90-day ambient shelf life from manufacture this could just be your answer to your energy crisis prayers!

No nasty preservatives either – the unique ingredient and production process does it all.

Pinsa vs Pizza

Everyone we give this to agrees – our Pinsa Romana beats par-cooked pizza bases hands down – just in terms of taste, never mind all the other benefits!

Light, crisp, and full of flavour, you will be serving up a real treat and saving yourself a few headaches too.

Instead of a flat, tough or chewy par-cooked pizza base, choose the light, airy, crisp pinsa. 

Make the transfer today!

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How To Use Your Pinsa Romana dough

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