What is Pinsa Romana?


What is Pinza Pizza, or “Pinsa Romana”?

Have you ever wondered what Pinsa Pizza is?  In this blog we dive into what the essential differences are of pinsa vs pizza.

Pinsa Romana is a type of pizza that originated near Rome, Italy, at the turn of the century.

What sets it apart from pizza is the unique dough mix that is made from a combination of wheat, soy, and rice flour, and sometimes including sourdough. This flour combination gives a much lower gluten contact than regular pizza.

The dough is fermented for a longer period of time than traditional pizza dough, which results in a lighter, more digestible crust.

Pinsa Romana also has a higher hydration level at around 80%, which means its more airy than traditional pizza dough, soft on the inside and deliciously crisp on the exterior.

Usually oval, but sometimes round, they are irresistibly delicious!

roman style pizza

What are the benefits of pinsa?

There are many benefits when compared to regular pizza, below are a few of them that we think are key. 

Nutritional benefits

One of the main benefits of Pinsa Romana is that it is a healthier and more nutritious alternative to traditional pizza. The use of soy and rice flour in the dough makes a lower-gluten option for those with gluten sensitivities. If bacterial-laden sourdough is used in the mix, this further promotes good gut health.

Additionally, the dough’s higher hydration level means that it is generally less calorific, making it a good option for those looking to maintain a healthy diet, and still enjoy the most popular cuisine in the world – Italian!

Superior taste

The unique taste of pinsa keeps you coming back for more! The slow fermentation process used to hand-make the dough and the special flour mix results in a unique flavor that is different from traditional pizza. The crust is super crispy (but not hard) on the outside and airily soft on the inside.

This allows for a greater variety of flavour combinations and a more satisfying eating experience.

Fast and versatile for foodservice

Pinsa Romana gives busy foodservice operators more of what they need most – time, without compromising quality.

Unlike par-cooked pizza bases which tend to be underwhelming at best, pinsa is actually perfect for the par-baked technique. Arriving pre-stretched, par-cooked and in some cases able to be stored at ambient temperatures, this product lends itself to busy cafes, pubs and street food operators looking for an easier way.

It can be served as a traditional pizza style, with a variety of toppings, or folded into a beautiful deli sandwich or wrap, pinsa romana will make your stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

A sustainable option

Finally, Pinsa Romana is a sustainable food option. By definition a plant-based food, the use of rice and soy flour helps to reduce the environmental impact of growing wheat. 

In conclusion, Pinsa Romana is a delicious, healthy, and sustainable food option that offers a unique taste experience. Its versatility and digestibility make it a great choice for a wide range of people. And with its unique dough and fermentation process, it stands out as a unique and delicious pizza alternative.

Pinsa Pizza